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Russell Workman new partnership with Global Entrepreneurs: BE Sustainable!

be_sustainable-90-bgIn exciting news for Australian business, BE Sustainable: The Singapore based company of Dr. Martin Blake, and entrepreneur Philip J. Risby, have created a partnership with Russell Workman’s Corporate Community Care.  The partnership is also joined by Anne-Maree Huxley, creator of Australian business and sustainability peak body, Models of Success and Sustainability.

This partnership could not come at a better time for Australian business struggling with how to ensure profitability in times of Carbon Tax’s, and other environmental cost pressures, said Russell Workman.

Be Sustainable have succeeded where others fell by the way side, because their models are designed to drive efficiency and save money. BE Sustainable’s Marginal Abatement Curve costing model, has saved companies around the world hundreds of millions. This is a game changer for business and the environment, I have absolutely no doubt!

The initiative is based on the extensive work of Gunter Pauli’s Blue Economy (BE), a concept that goes beyond green politics and debates, into how business and organisations can profit from sustainability challenges.